Hi, I'm Leslie Luo.

Life, travel, design, and reflections about it all.

Tracks // What I've Been Listening To

Hot tracks for a hot month...ok I'll stop.

August 04, 2017

Vietnam Travel Guide

What To Pack & Plan In Less Than 1 Month

July 23, 2017

Negotiate Your Raise

Resources for Designers in Tech (& Anyone Who Wants To)

July 15, 2017

Tracks // What I've Been Listening To

An introspective month with some tunes that I had on repeat.

July 07, 2017

Tracks // What I've Been Listening To

"Text your ex" beats and a podcast for May 2017.

June 04, 2017

Eating Through Vietnam: North & South

Cuisines from North and South Vietnam

MAY 29, 2017

Eating Through Vietnam: Hoi An & Hue

What to eat and where to find it in Hoi An & Hue.

MAY 21, 2017

Hand-Tied Spring Bouquet Making

Tips from Jeannie Huang's spring bouquet workshop.

MAY 14, 2017

Tracks // What I've Been Listening To

A moodier month.

MAY 05, 2017

Lessons from SFDW 2015

Repost of lessons from San Francisco Design Week including personal process, self-regulating systems, and the importance of sharing.

APRIL 15, 2017

Tracks // What I've Been Listening To

A few songs and albums here and there that have been on repeat.

MARCH 18, 2017

Moving to NYC: Winter Guide

A guide on some resources I used when I moved to NYC.

FEBRUARY 12, 2017

Hiking in California

My favorite places to escape to within California.

FEBRUARY 01, 2017

Using Design to Rethink Retail, Product, and Recruitment

Lessons learned from Design Driven NYC's Jan 2017 Talks

JANUARY 22, 2017

52Inspire Interview

Repost of my interview with 52inspire on 5 questions to inspire the world.

JANUARY 19, 2017

Reframing 2016

A few lessons learned along the way.

JANUARY 16, 2017

How to Design for Your Real Users

Repost of my lessons learned recap from An Event Apart SF in 2015.

JANUARY 08, 2017

1 Year Later

A brief reflection on my move from CA to NY and a glimpse into my personal project goals for 2017.

JANUARY 04, 2017