Well goodbye to the LONGEST month ever. I don't know about you but I've definitely looked forward to the end of this month which never seemed to have wanted to end. On the bright side, there have been some great videos and tracks I've come across that I'm very excited to share.

Also, a quick update to music, podcast, audio related posts. I've found that these posts are more revolved around my fascination with sound. Whether it's a singular beat, a full melody, a podcast, or something audio-related, "Sounds of" felt more appropriate to name these posts. With that, I hope you enjoy the sounds of August 2017.

How sign language innovators are bringing music to the deaf // Vox

If you know me, I have this huge fascination of how sound is interpreted visually. Vox did this great video with Amber Galloway Gallego who uses the American Sign Language system and her own expressions to bring music to life for the death community at live shows. The way she explains how she goes about it is pretty simple but so impactful. Learn a little about how music can break barriers. I haven't been to a live show for a while this year but I look forward to seeing more and more interpreters to build on music being more inclusive.

I love Vox videos. There's some really fun and random ones and they are produced with these really great visuals and motion graphics that just brings the content to life.


Deafness + Music // Misledbayonets

I also came across another video about Myles de Bastion. The one above wasn't the exact one but this one goes a bit deeper since it's a production of his own about approaching music as he is deaf musician and artist. He wanted to find ways to build on the experience and began prototyping and building a technology that bridges hearing with seeing and feeling the music.

If you're interested, here's his site.


How a recording studio mishap shaped ’80s music // Vox

I've found my new favorite series from Vox: Earworm. Hosted by Estelle Caswell, she does an incredible job tying what's happening today in the music industry and trends and tracing them back to the origins. What a journey it was to hear one of my latest favorite songs, Right Now by Haim in this video and then explained what the "punchy unnatural drums" sound was. If you want a brief history lesson, watch this to hear how the latest pop music is bringing back this punchy beat.

Of course, the full article and additional playlists are here.


Blowback and Let Me Know // Galimatias

Galimatias' Blowback track threw me off my feet when it showed up on my Soundcloud. If his sounds are familiar, it's because he did Urban Flora with Alina Baraz (which I'm madly in love with). He always has a jazzy beat or vocals intertwined with his beats that you just immediately pick up as his style. As I type this, I just wish I could play his tracks so loud for everyone to enjoy. Also, Blowback samples Hello Stranger by Barbara Lewis and it works so well together.

Here's a short interview with Galimatias talking about releasing something two years later focused on his own voice. I'm so glad he did.


stardustexhalemarrakechdreams EP // Zhu

I've been waiting for Zhu to come back and his latest EP is out. There's a darker, heavier side to Zhu that deviates from his Generationwhy sound (which is my favorite by the way). It's different but a good kind of different. The beats are fast, heavy, and puts me into full focus mode when I'm doing research and design. My favorite track is probably Chasing Marrakech. I love Zhu's vocals...I'm not sure how a singer can even match his pitch because it's so distinct.

Zhu is probably one of my top artists especially after seeing his set at The Meadows 2016 in Queens. He's thoughtful about placement, visual, sounds, and had live saxophone and guitar players. Also, for a while, it was really hard to find any information about him. Here's an interview back from 2015 when his identity started getting unveiled.


Time After Time // Shy Girls

Sigh. If you know me, I'm madly in love with Shy Girls. I've followed his music since he released his first track on Soundcloud. His latest release is a haunting but beautifully done rendition of Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time. The way he sings, you can always hear his emotions almost as though they were to spill out into the world and we're all just standing...barefoot letting it wash over us.

Here's Shy Girls's tour version for his latest album recorded on Soundcheck for WNYC. I got to see him perform at Music Hall of Williamsburg and it was the most beautiful, intimate experience that I'm so happy to have experienced.



I seem to really like mysterious, dark artists. PLAZA is the latest artist to be signed to OVO (Drake's label) and we know barely anything about him. Aside from the purple tints, haunting vocals and dark, dark sounds from the entire EP, you're kind of left with a bit of emptiness when you're done listening. I've had this EP on repeat probably fueling my anxiety but I can't let it go.

Here's an interview with PLAZA on how he came up with his name, and signing onto the label.


Tennessee Whiskey // Kris Jones Cover

Here's something slightly different. I came across this cover by Kris Jones randomly on my news feed. Woooooooo, this man's voice just knocks you off your feet. I love this song, Tennesee Whiskey originally by Chris Stapleton, but I may love this version even more. Country music has a way of sending chills down my spine but this cover does that and more.

This man couldn't be sweeter. After getting viral fame, he was able to perform a shortened version on The Ellen Show. 


As always, take a listen and let me know your thoughts.

Got tracks to share? Drop a comment below.