Kicking off March with a post on some of the music I've been listening to.

Tired Boy // Joey Pecoraro

Along with his quirky song titles, I've had this album on repeat since the moment I've heard it. Listen along on sunny days and/or plug in when you're trying to focus. It's an easy album to nod your head to.

My favorite track: To Be Happy


Now That The Light is Fading // Maggie Rogers

After her track that made Pharrell cry went viral, she's come out with her EP. A bit of folk, a bit of a little bit of everything, and a touch of nature, I've been waking up in the mornings and immediately putting her album on. I can't help to want to dance whenever her songs come on.

If I had to listen to only one song on repeat: Alaska


Same People // The Code

Shrouded in mystery, The Code has been one of the top artists I've been following since Blue Electronica launched. Their sound is very...them. I can't quite find the full lyrics anywhere but it's very powerful. Take a listen, it's worth it.


The One // Electric Mantis

Raspy, and easy on the ears. This is one of the songs I found myself going back to each time I'm on-the-go. This one is a free download from the artist.


Cave Me In // Gallant ft. Tablo + Eric Nam

A surprising collab, I heard about this through Liane V.'s instagram (she's featured in the video). I used to listen to Tablo's work religiously and it's so refreshing to hear his voice again. This is definitely a great R&B track to sing along to. Read more about how this track was created.

Electric Feel // Alina Baraz ft. Khalid

There's absolutely no way you cannot want to sing along. Alina + Khalid's voices work incredibly well together on this track. Also got to see her perform this track and it's just as beautiful in person as it is played via the internet. Sexy, soulful, and beautiful as usual in Alina's style.



What about you? Share any tracks you've been listening to and/or your thoughts on the artists/songs.

Also, shoutout to this cozy boy for always reminding me we're all a little crazy and need creativity in our lives.