Sometimes, it's about looking back while looking forward. Much of March 2018 included sounds from newer tracks but also older tracks like Warm Water and Thinking Bout You. Looking for something a little more than just a song? I've got you covered with a podcast on one of the beloved movies that have earned over $1.2 billion worldwide since opening.

Without further ado, March 2018.

My Life // Zhu & Tame Impala

Zhu, man of mystery, has always been an artist I really admire. Tame Impala and Zhu's recent collab has these dreamy vibes very reminiscent of both groups. A hilarious comment I've seen is someone expressing that they've managed to make the Windows 10 eject USB sound into music. I'm not exactly sure what sound that if, but hey, music is music—figure out how you want to make something sound good.


Thinking Bout You // Frank Ocean

Alright, this is definitely not a new track but I felt a bit nostalgic and added this to my March faves. Frank Ocean will always put you in a mood. I still remember when Channel Orange came out during the summer of 2012. That summer, I spent all three months in two intense design courses in college and so my classmates and I worked together in the same room for about 24/7. When this came out, I had it on repeat so often that all the songs kind of just blended together over time.

Thinking Bout You is always a fave. Also, another fave? The potato version.


Emulsion // Aftertheparty

Aftertheparty just released Emulsion EP. It's short and to the point. If you're familiar with his work, it sounds pretty much the same. I'll be honest, I only throw his albums up to play fully and in order so if you were to ask me which is my fave song, it's hard to tell because it all blends together.

Anyways, still no clue on who Aftertheparty is.


Need You // Flight Facilities ft NÏKA

First, this is a super weird music video. On a side note, I watched a ton of music videos at restaurants when I visited Mexico this last week and music video concepts are so strange all on their own. I couldn't tell you what this is about at all.

Anyways, I love Flight Facilities. Their most known for "Crave You" and this has the same vibes. Also, just learned that NÏKA is Georgia Nott of Broods' younger sister who does the vocals on this song. I LOVE Georgia so this is just icing on the cake for me.


Sativa - Spotify Sessions // Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko's voice is like sugary sweet spice and melty butter. The original Sativa song itself is great which also features Rae Sremmurd. Both versions are sexy in their own way but this one takes the cake for me. The harp makes it a bit ethereal, almost surreal.

The original is leans back towards R& B/ hip-hop vibes which work incredibly well for Jhene Aiko & Rae Sremmurd's voices.


Put Me Back Together (ft. Kiiara) // Cheat Codes

You wouldn't even know this is a Cheat Codes song as Kiiara's voice has full control over the song. As Kiiara's sings as though she's pining for a nostalgic time to this ghost of whatever has broken her heart. If you're into that, you'll be into this.


Miss You (with Major Lazer & Tory Lanez) // Cashmere Cat

This song is still ringing in my head since it came out a month or two ago. Tory Lanez often collabs with Cashmere Cat and they are literally one of the perfect duos. I mentioned this song last month as Cashmere Cat samples Palmistry's Lifted. This song on its own is just perfect in its own right and I love how both have a different take on the same verse.

If you need a track to throw on and bump to, this won't disappoint.


Bambi Too // Jidenna ft. Maleek Berry, Quavo, and Sarkodie

Classic man Jidenna has another version of Bambi with a few features. The original was #30 on best 50 songs in 2017 according to Rolling Stone. This version is pretty much really similar to the original but with verses from some other folks. My fave lines are probably from Quavo including "Bambi she made me cry / So hard I shed a tear." You can't help but imagine Migos rapping this line.

The entire EP is also pretty stellar, Salute agrees.


Neither Do I // Stwo ft Jeremih

Dark - not only in the music video, but also in the heady lyrics and beat, Stwo and Jeremih make an incredible duo on this track. I've always loved Stwo and he has this versatility that's super underrated.

Here's a great review of the song and both artists. PS, need more Stwo? Who doesn't. Haunted is a good track reminiscent of Neither Do I. Her (Majid Jordan Edit) is one of my all-time favorites. Probably the best remix of Zayn's Pillowtalk is Stwo's version (think...extra sexy). And lastly, I'll leave you with stwo's OVO Sound Radio Episode 10 that I had played nonstop for 3 months.


dream #1 [arrival] // charlie dreaming

Here's a fun one. If you've ever been in massage boutiques or in a meditation experience, you've probably heard something like this song. No lyrics just ethereal... chords. I can imagine this being played in a 360 sound experience and you'll probably come out of it completely zen or completely disoriented.

charlie dreaming is Cory Giordano


Warm Water - Snakehips Remix // Banks

Another older track that I once loved has crept back up in March. I tried to look for some other voices and thoughts on this song and found this one which is pretty funny. Basically, Warm Water, the original is pretty alright but Snakehips really bumps this up into a song that you'd really find catchy. I admit I agree with this sentiment.


Episode 131: Black Panther // Ludwig Göransson's Killmonger

Oh boy, when I heard this episode of Song Exploder, I listened to it first, walking to work. Then again, while at work. Then again on the way back from work. It was something that I didn't want to miss. I almost cried when I heard the artist yell out Killmonger's name and to hear those yells morph into today's track was crazy. The 808s that came on to make you sit on the edge of your seat in the scene where Killmonger is in the museum and shit goes down, those are so real.

If you're a fan of the movie, I highly recommend listening to this episode as Ludwig Göransson breaks down our villain and his complexities into an audio experience.

March Songs Playlist

Want all the songs saved on my playlist this month? Check it out below. I'll be adding this segment below to all my posts moving foward. Not every song will make it to this playlist but hopefully it'll help you find it all in one place.


As always, take a listen and let me know your thoughts.

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