This month in May, Sounds Of leans more heavily in the R&B side. For one of the longest but speediest months, this month's music has powered me through downtime, work time, exercise, and every time in between. Let me know what tracks you like and what you're listening to this month.

Callin' // Preme ft. Ty Dolla $ign

dvsn deserves full credit here as they put Preme in their insta stories which led me to finding Preme's new album. Formerly known a P. Reign, Preme has an interesting past that you can read more about in this interview with billboard. Basically, he's spent majority of his life in Canada trapped by the police for some of his previously dealings in life. He's gotten the opportunity to come to America and this album sort of sums that up. He's also very close to Drake so you can see a ton of that in the interview. What's refreshing is that even though he has these influences, he still has his own sound.

Callin' is my favorite. Jackie Chan ft. Post Malone is just extremely fun.


Doesn't Matter // Gallant

Chills and a bit of a heart flutter. The first time I ever heard Gallant, I was obsessed. I absolutely needed to see him live. However, I found his music at the tail end of his first tour after his first album. Now, with new music, we'll get to see his amazing performances get better and better.

Doesn't Matter and Gentleman are both incredible new tracks but Doesn't Matter top it with these new haunting visuals directed by Sasha Samsonova. Who, by the way, has garnered a ton of success with such an incredibly unique style that you've probably encountered before.

Gallant's Too Good To Be Tour tickets are available now.


Main Chick // Marc E. Bassy

Marc E. Bassy is back with another jam where he croons about this girl being his main chick. A bit of pop, you can't help but groove to this. P.S. this is similar to his Gossip Columns album style so if you need just a little bit more of that, he's got you with Main Chick.


This is America // Childish Gambino

Yes, This is America. There's not much left to say here.


Bedtime Stories // Rae Sremmurd ft The Weeknd

While in this interview, the duo talks about how The Weeknd's voice is just like an instrument on its own (so true), the same can be said about Rae Sremmurd's distinct voices and styles. This song blends all of the vocals so well that your ears can't help but perk up. To me, much like Sativa with Jhene Aiko & Swae Lee, these collabs linger on in the best way possible.


In Between // 6LACK ft. Banks

Another duo that completely caught me off guard is 6LACK and Banks. They harmonize and alternate between each line sort of having a conversation but really telling a parallel storyline about their feelings towards a relationship.

P.S., this is super in Banks style so if you love her like I do, this is a pleasant surprise to hear her.


No Answer // G.Soul

Thanks to Spotify's endless playlists, after listening to Kris Wu's latest single, I got G.Soul's No Answer blasting through my speakers. There was something so heavy and sad in the way he belted out his lines about not knowing.

Equally as somber, I looked up G.Soul as I've never heard of his and it seems like this is one of the last singles he released right before enlisting for his mandatory military service in Korea. Not that enlisting is sad, it's a big next step with a lot of uncertainty. Either way, whenever he's back, excited to hear more music from him!

Stoop So Low // alextbh

Cue sadboi music, and I'm here for it. alextbh pretty much embodies all the inner angst that you probably wouldn't ever show irl. His music reminds me that I'm almost always too old to enjoy this music anymore especially with the way this interview portrays it.

PS, this reminds me of last month's feature on Njomza's sad for you except...more low key.


Empty // Cameron Gainley

I distinctly recall walking away from my laptop with music blasting and then coming back confused. "Did my right speaker just die?" ran across my head. Actually, what was happening was Cameron Gainley's Empty came on and I hopped right back to Spotify to see what this song was.

First, it seems like this is a super young artist putting out his work on Spotify—major props to him. Secondly, this track itself blends in a clip from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho of Norman Bates...which is ultra creepy. Lastly, it, fortunately, blends so well and takes you on a turn with how sound comes across each speaker.

If you know me well already, I'm practically drawn like a moth to music that blends speech in or out of context with beats. Each of the tracks in Other People's Heartache Pt. 7 is gorgeously done.


Fallingwater// Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers is back with her latest single which Pitchfork has done a beautiful review on. It alludes to her career and how her life has drastically changed from what was once something simple and complexity of her rise to fame through her music.


Like That // Kris Wu

Last but not least, the one song that I've had on repeat since it came out is Kris Wu's Like That. The entirety of Kris Wu's life is super interesting and confusing to me. He was born and raised in Guangdong till the age of 10. He then relocated to Vancouver where he auditioned for SM Entertainment at the age of 18. Since then, he's moved to South Korea to train and become an international Kpop start with EXO till 2014. Since then, he's gained international success as an actor both in Chinese and American movies. Most recently, he's been getting into the hip-hop scene in the U.S.

Anyways, his latest is a bit softer but just as much Kris Wu style as there is in his English music.


Entertainer // Zayn

Part 2 in terms of music videos, Entertainer is an extension of Let Me. Catchy sadboi pop and I'm super here for it. A huge contrast from Let Me, Entertainer goes on the path of the aftermath of heartbreak in a relationship.


May Songs Playlist

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