As the cold weather started rolling in, November for me was filled with tracks that kept me focused. Scroll on down to enjoy.

1 // Wun Two

Trumpets on repeat to get you into deep focus. I really dig Wun Two with his chill beats.

A little bit about Wun Two from OkayPlayer. I'm not too familiar with his background as it's hard to find any info about him.


Smile // Nohidea

Not much to say about this track other than it's light and easy listening.

More on Nohidea on Lo-Fi Culture's blog.


Summatime Fine // Mars Today, ESTA.

If you've seen my old posts, you know I love Mars Today. Came across this track with ESTA. Think of Mars Today's voice cooning through your speakers as ESTA. puts his touches to get you in the mood.


Detroit Part II // Shigeto

Jazzy, upbeat, and layers and layers of sound complexity is what I think of this track. You can't help but want to groove to this song or just turn it up super loud and get into the focus zone.

I was introduced to Shigeto by a coworker and I can't not listen to this whenever I need time to focus. 


Peninsula // Flughand

Alright, alright. You're probably thinking, "Leslie, where are the lyrics?" Welp, this track definitely lacks it but the static, piano and repetitive beats don't require much than you to open up and immerse yourself.

Here's an interview with Flughand if you wanted to learn more.


Yerba // Sleepdealer

Here's a fun story. I needed to focus on pushing out a project at work this month. There's something about open offices and the ability for anyone to come up to me that makes it hard for me to get a lot of work done (answering questions, etc...). Late one night, I was on a related Spotify playlist probably from one of the songs above. So I didn't even look at the tracks and their names. The VP of Business Development came up to me and asked me a question and said: "Wow Leslie, you're listening to a song about 'Rolling Papers'?" To my surprise, I had no idea, I just loved it.

So then I looked up sleepdealer and found this yerba album. 1) Artist name is dope. 2) This whole album you can just breeze through and not think about. If you need to focus or just wind down, put this on. You won't regret it.


Falling // Pierce Brothers

A couple months back, I got to see the Pierce Brothers open up for Tash Sultana. Their stage presence and audience engagement were incredible. There's something super infectious about the way they just pour their hearts out in their performance and Falling is no exception.


Talk to Me // July 7

Sometimes, you just hear a sound and you know it's distinct. You can't quite put into words why it's interesting but you know it's something you want to keep listening to. That's how I feel about July 7. Honestly, just take a listen and you let me know what you think.

Here's a little more about July 7.


What You Want // Danny Dwyer

Soulful, easy, and fragile vocals. There's not much more to say about this song.

That's pretty much how Somewhere Soul describes this track as well.


Balance // Roy Woods ft. dvsn and PnB Rock

Last track is basically a mix of two my favorite artists with their distinct vocals. Roy Woods with his quick, quick verses mixed with his accent and dvsn where he draws out his feelings in the form of drawn out words in the form of song.


As always, take a listen and let me know your thoughts.

Got tracks to share? Drop a comment below.