One of the best months has come and gone. Now, I'm definitely biased as it's my birthday month and the weather is just pretty great where it finally feels like fall in NYC. Either way, a couple of great tracks in this post to get you through as the weather turns chillier to remind you of warmer times (or maybe not so much b/c breakup songs, ya know?).

Iroh // AKAY

Dreamy r&b vibes but solely without lyrics. I first heard Lights Out by AKAY ft. Ayelle which is, by the way, a super sexy song oozing with longing and desire. Anyways, love AKAY's style and specifically Iroh where you can just throw on the track and relax.

I actually can't find much on AKAY. Let me know if you know more.


Tadow (ft. FKJ) // Masego

I got to see Masego perform last year when he opened up for Ta-Ku in Brookyln. His energy, his use of instruments, and overall energy just captured my attention full force. I had to get to know his work. This particular song that recently came out just has you rocking back and forth. He has his signature saxophone blaring in the background and taking forefront whenever he's not cooning his lyrics.

A little more on Masego if you're interested.


Gettin' Old // 6LACK

I definitely more into this song for its lyrics than anything else. For those of us in relationships, there's something very relatable about just putting yourself fully into something rather than wasting time. This song casually captures that well with the simple statement of wasting time and doing other things is getting old. We might as spend the time with each other.

Here are's lyric interpretations.


Second Nature (ft. Verzache) // Haan808

Here's another track sans lyrics to throw you into the zone. I love that Haan808 sort of defines this as "ambient". I can imagine throw this on in a room surrounded with speakers and sitting in the middle and closing my eyes and letting the song just take over.

I haven't had the chance to listen to this yet but I'm all about sharing more insights about artists. Here's a brief intro from Haan808.


Without // Shy Girls

If you don't know already, I'll always have Shy Girls playing. This month, I'm obsessed with one of his earlier tracks, Without. This R&B track layered with vocals and this dreamy and nostalgic beat pulls out those sad boy vibes.

I recommend listening to the full EP. He explores a lot about social interaction and time spent in intense relationships which you can clearly hear in "Without". Here's FADER's take on the EP.


Morning After // dvsn

dvsn's album, Morning After, is finally out and trust, it's been on repeat since it's been out. With 13 new tracks, get taken on a journey of relationships and the emotions through each one. There are tracks I've mentioned in previous posts (Think About Me, Don't Choose). I'll have to say, the standout tracks for me are "Run Away" with slight MJ vibes, "Claim" that pulls at my heartstrings about misaligned love, and "Morning After" that basically captures all the feels of well...the morning after.

The album is different from SEPT 5TH, their debut album. It's still the dvsn we know, but a little more extended and a little more tumultuous in terms of singing about heartbreak.

Here's Pitchfork's review of the album.


Alive (ft. Matt Burton) // CROOSH

For the life of me, I can't remember how I got to CROOSH's music but I'm glad I did. It's sexy and basically, it's just about that and the relationship between two people.

I dig this interview from him. It's a lot of up and coming artist finding his way via his various talents. 


Gossip Columns // Marc E. Bassy


Sooooooo Marc E. Bassy has basically crept into my playlist way back from when he first started to release music. Spotify has this great way of just throwing recommended music that I never get to see the artist's name but just listen to the songs. I had no idea who he was and his songs crept into my Release Radar again. I realized that he just released an entire album which I haven't been able to put down.

He's originally from the Bay and you can tell even by folks he collaborates with... Kehlani (Oakland), G-Eazy (Berkeley). Anyways, each song is sort of a story about his life and they're...interesting. Standout songs for me are "Black Jeep", "Made Love First", "Bondage", and "Westside Love".

Here's an interview with Billboard paired with his release.


Intentions // Goldwater

I don't know too much about Goldwater but he seems to constantly creep into my playlists with these complicated beats. This one is a favorite just with its dark vibes.

Need more Goldwater? Check out Syrup.


løving yøu is hard because yøu've ønly fucked with fuckbøys [prød. derealised] // cøzybøy

Last track is cøzybøy's latest track. First, if you've been following along, you'll probably think I'm biased as I've been featuring his music since he's started. Yes, that's true but also, this is probably my favorite track released so far. Somehow, my entire October playlist features variations of interpretations of the end of a relationship. His style is typically a little rougher, but this one felt a bit softer. You'll still get cøzybøy vibes but it's a little dreamier in the way it's produced.


As always, take a listen and let me know your thoughts.

Got tracks to share? Drop a comment below.