Sweet September. As the season transitions to a much more fashionable Manhattan and outfits that make sense to me (Bay Area weather = year round fall outfits), here's music to match taking a stride into fall. Without further adieu...

Hayleau // Hayleau aka Hayley Law

I'm actually a huge Riverdale fan. I rewatch every episode and have it on as background noise whenever. What I'm also fond of are the actors and their incredibly talented selves. Hayley Law who plays Valerie Brown (part of Josie & the Pussycats) and briefly, Archie's girlfriend...also dropped an R&B EP around the same time Riverdale aired. I'm a bit late to this but I'm so glad I found it. Easy breezy sweet R&B to throw on with a candle burning.

Here's another take on her tracks.


Baby // Kat Cunning

This month, I got to see Kat Cunning live via 29 Rooms. She was the star of the show for Room 29, the Dreamer's Den. I have a personal fascination with dreams and all my closest friends know how much my dreams come to me (and in a sense...haunt me). The premise of the room was that people were to write down their dreams and she'll pick 2 and improvise a song for it. I didn't dare put my dreams on paper because they are haunting enough on their own. She has these Lana, Florence, dreamy vibes to her sound. Live, her voice is incredibly stunning. This is her single that came out September 8 which captures her sound...well very well.

See my recap of the 29Rooms event with Refinery 29.


Without My Enemy What Would I Do // Made In Heights

Made In Heights has a special place in my heart. A friend introduced this group to me way back in 2013. I often forget about them until I go back in my song libraries. In 2015, they came out with this album. I have Pirouette, Panther, and Lunette saved and I'm pretty sure I've played well over hundreds of times.

Of course, the full article and additional playlists are here.


Bits & Pieces // Mars Today

Sexy and out of breath, that's how I imagine Mars Today as he coons in his latest R&B album. I've had "Wait Too Long" saved for a while now but somehow never thought to listen to the full album until I found another song from the album. I'm absolutely in love everything about this album. Listen to it from the top to bottom and the mood goes from playful to a little bit mopey but it's sort of like being on a high with a newfound love and then coming down to a realization of one's self and love.

He's got a whole library of previous work but this is the first he features his own vocals. And I'm so glad he did. Learn more in this brief bio.


Feel It Still // Portugal. The Man, Zhu Remix

Never disappointing, Zhu came out with a remix this month of Portugal. The Man's Feel it Still. It's. just. so. catchy. You can't help but bob your head to this. It gets your blood pumping and great to wake you up during a mid-day slump.

Here's the original song and its accompanying music video. It's weird.


boy. // offonoff

For my Kpop loving folks, offonoff's boy. is literally VIBES for everything in my life. I love throwing this album on in the evenings and it just lulls me to sleep. It's just...so calming. He sings and raps. The album also features a song with Tablo who has been one of my favorites of all time.

If you want to start somewhere, start with Dance. Watch the video.


Lately (ft. Cygneuas) // Humble & Blisse

Along the lines of offonoff, this song, you can literally have on loop and not think about anythng. The female voice coons throughout in a looped manner singing about lately thinking about whoever she's thinking about. It's a bit reminiscent of how reoccuring thoughts that eat away as us happen again and again.

Humble & Blisse also produced some songs with Astrid S.


Alaskan Cold ft. Mike Regal // Ian Ewing, Strehlow


I'm actually not sure how to describe this song. It's...airy, layered with beats,... and you can kind of go through this roller coaster of the song going pretty fast then stopping you to slow you a bit down and fast again. I'm not sure what to make of it but I like it.

This post seems to describe it much better.


Bop 3: The Girl Who Cried Purple // Terror JR

Terror Jr is back with Bop 3, their 3rd album after Bop City and Bop City 2: TerroRising. Their sound is very distinctive as Lisa Vitale's voice cries out through a bit of angst, heartbreak, and shattering some social constructs in various songs. If you've seen a few posts back, you know I've featured them many times before. This is the last of the Bop City trilogy. Who knows what the group will bring next?

Terror Jr's Twitter is a gem.


As always, take a listen and let me know your thoughts.

Got tracks to share? Drop a comment below.